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Posted in Uncategorized by meetusinghal on December 15, 2010
This post have several links that is visible only when you are logged into your facebook account.  Please log into your facebook if you are not already and then come back to read this post.
  1. First things first , how to stay safe on Facebook, click here for the safety guide
  2. Official Facebook Engineering Page
  3. Official Facebook Page
  4. Official Known issues on facebook Page . Updates about known bugs and issues within facebook . You can report bugs from this page as well.
  5. People directory on Facebook
  6. Page directory on Facebook
  7. Applications directory on Facebook
  8. Groups directory on Facebook
  9. Facebook official blog
  10. Facebook Developers’ blog – All the Geeky stuff ! :-)
  11. Facebook Developers’ site home page – More geeky stuff :-)
  12. Official Facebook platform showcase –  ( check how open graph is implemented on world’s best sites )
  13. Official Preferred Developer Consultants directory –  hire or use the free tools from these organizations for your website/s
  14. Get BADGES for your profile, pages, Albums, and Like Badge( for the pages that you like ) from here . For pages that you are admin of you can get the badges here
  15. If you want to get a like box for your website ( it is a great way to make your website visitor like your facebook page without leaving your website ) Go for it now! —  . I even did a how to video on this that you can check out here.
  16. Select a username for your profile or your fanpage if you have not already. You need to have minimum 25 likers before you become eligible to choose an alias.
  17. There is whole Forum Dedicated to Facebook support . Of course this is run by FB users themselves. Give and get help here . This is serious job , you can see the top contributors here .
  18. And Finally if you think that Facebook should hire you then here is the place for  you
  19. All the above did not make any sense ? New to Facebook?  Get started here

Note: facebook may change the URLs of these info elements anytime. If you find any links broken or missing please report the same to me by placing your observation in the comments. Thanks for reading! Happy Clicking !

this is my original post 🙂


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